Scentsy Linen Spray Fabric Deodorizer

Scentsy Linen Spray & Fabric Deodorizer:

I am over the moon about the NEW Scentsy Linen Spray called Scentsy Fresh! I suggested this idea to Scentsy years ago so I am particularly excited about this new product.

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Scentsy Linen Spray Fabric Deodorizer

About New Scentsy Fresh:

Eliminate odors with a simple spritz! Scentsy Fresh absorbs odors and fills the air with beautiful Scentsy Linen Spray Fabric Deodorizerfragrance. Mist on hard-to-wash surfaces such as carpets, furniture and curtains — anywhere you want to experience long-lasting Scentsy fragrance. Scentsy Fresh will be available in the following fragrances- Black Raspberry Vanilla, Clean Breeze, Luna and Odor Out. 16 fl. oz., $12

Scentsy Fresh Fabric Spray FAQ:

Q. How is Scentsy Fresh different from Scentsy Room Spray?

Scentsy Fresh is an odor eliminator containing zinc ricinoleate, an ingredient that actually absorbs and traps odors in fabrics. Scentsy Room Spray is simply designed to impart fragrance into the air.

Q. Is Scentsy Fresh safe on all fabrics?

No. Scentsy Fresh is not safe to apply to leather, suede, silk or any other fabric that requires dry cleaning.

Q. Does it have cleaning or disinfecting properties?

No. Scentsy Fresh should not be used as a cleaning agent or disinfectant.

Q. How long does fragrance last?

Approximately four to five hours.

Q. Do I need to shake the bottle prior to use?


Q. What do I do if it gets on my skin?

While Scentsy Fresh won’t harm your skin, we recommend washing the area with soap and water.

Q. Is it safe to use on my pet’s bed?


Discontinued Scentsy Products 2017

Discontinued Scentsy Products 2017:

The following products will be available to order until February 28th and they are only available while supplies last. If you’d like to order one of these products before they are retired for good you can order them at 10% Off until February 1st.  Order Retiring Products Here

Retired Scentsy Warmers:

scentsy discontinued 2017

Retired Scentsy Fragrances:

retired scentsy scents 2017

Retired Scentsy Diffusers & Oils:

Scentsy Retired Diffusers & Oils 2017

Retired Misc. Scentsy Products:

Scentsy Retired List 2017

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New Scentsy Products Spring Summer 2017



The new Scentsy Spring & Summer catalog has been released and it is amazing. We have lots of new and exciting products coming your way such as a New Oil Diffuser, several new Warmers and Scentsy Skin Body Wash!


New Scents

Price : 5.00

Tweet Mini Warmer

Price : 20.00

Zig Warmer

Price : 35.00

Sebastian Super Buddy!

Price : 35.00

Colors of the Rainbow Warmer

Price : 45.00

Telly Warmer

Price : 35.00

Claret Warmer

Price : 40.00

Swirly Bird Mini Warmer

Price : 20.00

Daisy Lantern Warmer

Price : 50.00

Blue Darling Warmer

Price : 40.00

I Heart Cats Warmer

Price : 45.00

Hip Warmer

Price : 35.00

Fruit Crate Warmer

Price : 35.00

Enjoy the Little Things Mini Warmer

Price : 20.00

Live Simply Mini Warmer

Price : 20.00

Love Swept Warmer

Price : 35.00

Butterfly Atrium Warmer

Price : 45.00

Blue Crush Warmer

Price : 45.00

I Heart Dogs Warmer

Price : 45.00

Purple Darling Warmer

Price : 40.00

Southern Hospitality Warmer

Price : 35.00

Pop Warmer

Price : 35.00

Pretty Bird Warmer

Price : 35.00

Entice Diffuser

Price : 130.00


See the NEW Scentsy Catalog Here





DIY Sugar Skull Scentsy Warmer

DIY Sugar Skull/Calavera Scentsy Warmer:

This is an exciting new product! Scentsy has just released information on the DIY Sugar Skull Scentsy Warmer. This decorate-it-yourself sugar skull/calavera is fun and easy to decorate- just use permanent markers! I think this would be a fun activity for a teenage girls birthday party.

Order the DIY Calavera Warmer Here

DIY Sugar Skull Scentsy Warmer

DIY Calavera FAQ:

Q. What do I use to color the DIY Calavera Warmer?

We recommend using high-quality permanent markers.

Q. Are the markers included with the warmer?

No, the markers must be purchased separately.

Q. May I use ceramic or glass markers to color the warmer?

No. If the ceramic or glass markers aren’t heat resistant, the colors may run. This is also why wax-based markers or crayons should not be used to decorate the warmer.

Q. May I use paint to color the warmer?

No. Paint might insulate the warmer and create additional heat, which may lead to damage. It will also void the warranty.

Q. What if I make a mistake or want to change the design?

The permanent marker is easily removed with rubbing alcohol. We recommend using a cotton ball to remove larger portions of your design and a cotton swab for smaller areas.

Q. Can I use soap and water to erase the color if I want to create a new design?

No. You should never submerge a a warmer in water.

Q. How long will the design last?

It depends on the quality of the markers used and how many coats you apply to your design. Expect to occasionally touch up your work to keep it looking new.

Q. Will the permanent marker rub off if I touch or move the warmer?

Any time you touch the warmer, there is a chance the design will be affected, as any oils or dirt on your skin may cause the marker to smudge.

Q. Can I create a design on the inside of the dish?

It isn’t recommended, as any wax warmed in the dish would likely cover the design. Also, since the dish is frequently handled, the design would easily smudge and deteriorate.


How To Decorate the DIY Sugar Skull Scentsy Warmer:

How to Store Scentsy Wax Bars

How to Store Scentsy Wax Bars:

Scentsy Bars are made from soft paraffin wax and fragrance oils which are subject to destruction due to heat, position and age. By properly storing Scentsy Bars you can lengthen the life of the fragrance and the bar itself. 

Here are some tips on storing Scentsy Bars:

-Store Scentsy Bars in a cool, dark place.  I store my Scentsy Bars in a hall closet. How to Store Scentsy Wax Bars

-Keep Scentsy Bars flat instead of stacking upright or hanging. When the bars are upright the fragrance oils might run down the side of the bar. This not only depletes the fragrance but it also causes a mess. 

-Use a system such as first in, first out when it’s time to use Scentsy Bars. This ensures that the oldest bars are used first before they have a chance to get old and lose fragrance. 

-Avoid keeping Scentsy Bars near heat sources such as vehicles, the kitchen stove and direct or indirect sunlight. 

-Keep your Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays and other products in our NEW Storage box. The box holds up to 45 Scentsy Bars or other products. 

– Purchase our Scent Storage Box- it is made of wood and will keep your Scentsy Bars and other product fresher, longer. 



scentsy storage box

how to store scentsy wax bars


Scentsy Scent Storage Box FAQ:

Q. Is the Scent Storage Box made of real wood?


Q. How many Scentsy Bars does it hold?

This Scent Storage Box holds up to 45 Scentsy Bars.

Q. How many configurations are there?

Countless. The sliding dividers can be adjusted and removed to accommodate any number of Scentsy products, in any configuration you wish.

Q. What products can be stored in it?

You can store nearly every type of Scentsy product, including Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Oils, Buddy Clips, Nightlight Warmers and Travel Tins. The only exceptions are full-size warmers, diffusers and Buddies.

Q. How do I store Scentsy Bars in the box?

Scentsy Bars should always be stored flat rather than upright or on their side. Flat storage will prevent oil leakage and will allow you to stack up to five bars per compartment.

Q. What are the dimensions?

6”H x 15”W x 12”L

Q. Where should I store my box?

Your Scent Storage Box should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Q. Is it heat/temperature sensitive?

As with any natural wood product, if your storage box is exposed to extreme heat and/or humidity, it may warp or show other signs of environmental stress.

Q. My storage box looks different from the one in the catalog. May I return it?

Since the box is constructed of natural materials and given an aged-like finish, no two will be exactly alike. However, if you are not satisfied with your box, you can return it for a full refund per the conditions of our satisfaction guarantee. 

Q. Will painting the box void the warranty?

Yes, painting or altering the box’s appearance in any way will void the warranty.

Q. Are additional/replacement dividers available?

No, additional/replacement dividers are not available. 

Q. Is the lid replaceable?

Yes. If the lid is defective, it can be replaced.

Q. Is the wood sealed or otherwise protected from spills or leakage?

The box is covered with a protective coating, but because of its natural construction, spilled oils or liquids may still cause stains and other damage.

scentsy parts accessories

What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use

What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use:

This is such a common question so I figured I would write a blog post regarding the topic. Our Scentsy Bulb Warmers come in three different sizes- 25 watt, 20 watt and 15 watt. 

Scentsy Nightlight Warmer Bulb/Watt:

Mini Scentsy Warmers (Nightlights) all use the 15 watt light bulb. Please Note: The 15 watt bulb resembles regular nightlight bulbs but the wattage is different. Most nightlight warmers use anywhere from 4-10 watts but these aren’t sufficient for warming Scentsy Wax. So if you bought a bulb in the store and it’s not melting your wax this is probably the reason. 

Other Scentsy Warmer(s) Bulb/Watt:what-size-scentsy-bulb

This is where it gets tricky. Scentsy Warmers come in three different sizes, we used to refer to them as Full Size, Mid-Size and Plug In so it was a little easier to decipher but the names no longer apply. The easiest way to tell what size bulb your Scentsy Warmer uses is to flip it over or check the tag. There is either a silver label on the bottom and it indicates either a 20W or 25W (see photo) or next to the plug there is a white label that indicates the wattage (see photo). This tells you what size bulb you need. If for some scentsy light bulb labelreason your warmer’s label is missing than Contact Me or chat with me online and I should be able to find out for you. 

Where to Buy Scentsy Bulbs:

You can buy most of the bulbs in stores but it can be hit and miss with the correct wattage. You can also buy Scentsy Bulbs at my online store. The bulbs are $2 each or 3 for $5-these prices are the best that I know of. You can shop for replacement bulbs and other accessories below: 

Ceramic Nightlight Base

Price : 15.00

Glass Nightlight Base

Price : 15.00

Scent Storage Box

Price : 55.00

Scentsy Warmer Stand-Web

Price : 10.00

Scentsy Warmer Stand-Square

Price : 10.00

Scentsy Warmer Stand-Round

Price : 10.00

Scentsy Warmer Stand- Flower

Price : 10.00

Replacement Plug for Nightlight Warmer

Price : 8.00

Replacement Base for Glass Nightlight Warmer

Price : 8.00

Replacement Warmer Dish/Lids

Price : 12.00

Replacement Edison 40 Watt Bulb

Price : 6.00

3 Pack 25 Watt Bulbs

Price : 5.00

Single 25 Watt Bulb

Price : 2.00

3 Pack 20 Watt Bulbs

Price : 5.00

Single 20 Watt Bulb

Price : 2.00

3 Pack 15 Watt Bulbs

Price : 5.00

Single 15 Watt Bulb

Price : 2.00


scentsy light bulb chart 1 scentsy light bulb chart 2

Watch my Scentsy Warmer Bulb Video on YouTube and be sure to share with your friends! 

Easter Scentsy Buddy Chick

Easter Scentsy Buddy- Eggmund the Chick:

Just in time for Easter! Introducing the Easter Scentsy Buddy- Eggmund the Chick.easter scentsy buddy

Eggmund will be available on February 1st and only while supplies last. He would make the perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket! Eggmund comes complete with your choice of Scenk Pak. $30.00

Order Eggmund Now

How To Change Scentsy Wax

How to Change Scentsy Wax:

One of the most common questions that I receive is, “How do I change Scentsy wax from my warmer?” So I thought I would write an instructional post and I also made a few videos for you. I hope this information is helpful and if it is please feel free to share with your friends. Thank You! 

Change Melted/Liquid Scentsy Wax:

  1. You’ll need a wad of toilet tissue or 3-4 cotton balls and a paper towel.
  2. You can leave your warmer on or turn it off.
  3. Take the wad of toilet tissue or cotton balls and place in the warm wax.
  4. Let the tissue/cotton soak up the wax. This can take about 15-20 seconds and may need to be repeated with fresh tissue if you have more than one cube of wax warming.
  5. Toss the tissue/cotton into the trash.
  6. Wipe the dish with a fresh wad of tissue or a paper towel.
  7. Your Scentsy Warmer is now ready for a new scent.


Change Solid Scentsy Wax:

  1. You’ll need a rubber spatula, popsicle stick or the package of a Scentsy Bar and a paper towel.
  2. Turn your Scentsy Warmer off for about 15-20 minutes. The wax will harden but remain pliable.
  3. Run the edge of the spatula, stick or Scentsy Bar around the inside edge of the warmer dish to separate the wax from the dish.
  4. The oils in the wax will make it easy for the wax to pop right out.
  5. If the wax is still scented than you can save it for later. If not, you can toss it in the trash.
  6. Wipe the dish clean with the paper towel.
  7. Your Scentsy Warmer is now ready for a new scent.

Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer

Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer:

I am so excited about this beautiful warmer! The design is very intricate and the photo really does not do this warmer justice. The Calavera Warmer uses a light bulb and it has a beautiful glow when on. This would be a great addition to a Dia de los Muertos celebration or in a teen’s bedroom.

Calavera Warmer

Price : 45.00

Calaca Warmer

Price : 55.00

Calavera Warmer Dish/Lid

Price : 12.00

DIY Calavera Warmer

DIY Calavera Lid/Dish

Price : 8.00

Calavera Nightlight

Price : 20.00

Living in Southern Arizona sugar skulls are abundant but I never really knew the meaning so I decided to do a little digging and this is what I found.

About Sugar Skulls:

Sugar art was introduced to Mexico around the 17th century by Italian missionaries. Mexico was too poor to buy the art but they were rich in sugar so they quickly learned how create sugar

scentsy sugar skull warmer
Calavera Warmer

art themselves. Mexican sugar art was used in religious ceremonies and to represent departed souls. The sugar skull is placed on the gravestone to honor the return of the spirit during Dia de los Muertos. 

Scentsy 10% Off Sale: February 2017


What’s better than Scentsy? Discounted Scentsy, of course! 

Scentsy 10% Off Sale: February 2016

During February 2017 almost every item in the current Scentsy Catalog is discounted by 10%. We offer this discount while we shift inventory to make room for our new catalog launch on March 1, 2017. It’s a win-win for everyone! 


If you join Scentsy during the month of February 2017, you’ll receive anSCENTSY STARTER KIT SALE 2017 Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit. The kit will contain catalogs and scents from our fall/winter AND spring/summer season- all for $99. You can use these extra products to promote your new business even further, you can warm the scent testers for personal use or give them away- the possibilities are endless.                 Click Here to Order Your Scentsy Enhanced Starter Kit. 

What’s In the Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit:

80 Fall/Winter Scent Testers

BONUS: Spring/Summer Scent Testers

25 Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalogs

BONUS: 25 Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogs

100 Print Your Own Business Cards

100 Party Invitations

100 Order Forms

5 Host Envelopes

25 Host/Join Brochures

1 Scentsy Warmer

1 Scentsy Bar

1 Scent Pak

2 Light bulbs

2 Laundry/Skin Products (may vary)

5 Clear Bags

1 Welcome Letter

1 Consultant Start-Up Guide

*Please Note: Contents may vary. 


Why Stock Up & Save?

The Scentsy 10% Off Sale is a great opportunity for you to stock up on your favorite bars, warmers and fragrance products. Plus, most of our fall and winter scents are being retired (at least for now) and you might want to stock up while you can. Besides that, Scentsy makes a great gift for birthdays, grads, teachers, hair stylists, postal carriers, etc. so by stocking up you can ensure that you always have a gift handy.