Scentsy Ice Cream Cone Warmer July 2016

Scentsy Ice Cream Cone Warmer- July 2016:

New Scentsy Ice Cream Cone Warmer- Whether it’s a fun, retro accent or a sweet reminder of sunny days, this cute little cone will be the sprinkles on top of any space. Kids will love this Element Warmer, too! $31.50 in July 2016. 

Available July 1, 2016 and only while supplies last. Order Here

July Scentsy Scent of the Month: Strawberry Swirl

Strawberry Swirl-

Blissfully sweet and creamy, Strawberry Swirl whips together frozen strawberry, frothy milk and vanilla.






Enjoy these products at a 10% discount in July!

Ice Cream Cone Warmer $35 $31.50

Scent Circle $3 $2.70

Scentsy Bar $5 $4.50

Room Spray $8 $7.20