Monthly Subscription Box


NOW THERE ARE TWO BOXES TO CHOOSE FROM! My personal special (Scent Surprise Box) or the NEW Scentsy Corporate Box- the Whiff Box! 


Love subscription boxes? We do too! We are so excited to now be offering a Monthly Subscription Box! The details of our Scent Surprise Box are just that, a SURPRISE and per corporate policy, we can’t reveal the details on here because it’s a personal special of mine- but that’s okay! You can get the details from me by filling out the form below. 

I will email you back with the juicy details!

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Scentsy Monthly Subscription Box

My Previous Scent Surprise Boxes:

Here are a few examples of some of my previous Scent Surprise Boxes!

Scentsy Subscription Box  Scentsy Monthly Subscription Box Scentsy Monthly Subscription Box


NEW! Coming Sept 1, 2018 Scentsy Corporate is launching their own Whiff Box!

What is a Scentsy Whiff Box?

A Scentsy Whiff Box is a monthly hand-picked assortment of Scentsy fragrances and product lines! Every
month’s assortment is a fun surprise!

How can I purchase a Scentsy Whiff Box? 

You can order a Scentsy Whiff Box as a one-time purchase at my website or add a Scentsy Whiff Box to your Scentsy Club subscription!

What can I expect to get in a Scentsy Whiff Box?
You can expect five to eight sample and full-size consumable items (aka the stuff that runs out)
in each box. You’ll always get Scentsy wax in single-use samples and/or a Scentsy Bar or two.
The remaining contents will vary depending on items available in your country, either from
Scentsy Laundry, Clean, Body or on-the-go products. A Scentsy Whiff Box will arrive in a unique
Scentsy-branded package containing a product information insert and a “sniff preview” of the
next Scent of the Month!

How Much is a Scentsy Whiff Box?

The Whiff Box is $30 plus tax and shipping.

Great! How do I order? 

You can place a one-time order here or set-up a monthly subscription here!

Still have questions about Scentsy Whiff Box? Contact Me 





Aren’t bath bombs the bomb? We love them too and we are so excited to reveal the Scentsy Bath Bomb Scents & Fragrances! The NEW Bath Bombs are available on November 1, 2017 and only in limited quantities. Scentsy Bath Bombs will be available in some of our most popular Scentsy fragrances. Stay tuned the week of 10/23/17 for the reveal of available scents!

New Scentsy Bath Bombs FAQ


Amazon Rain: Set off on a rainforest romp swirling with sweet notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night blooming jasmine.

Jammy Time:  Help kids drift into dreamland with this soothing blend of baby freesia, lavender and sweet pea. Perfect for bedrooms and evening baths.

Luna: White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight.




Got questions about the NEW Scentsy Bath Bombs? Well, we’ve got answers with our new Scentsy Bath Bomb Questions & Answers page! 


Q. What are Scentsy Bath Bombs? 

Scentsy Bath Bombs are hand-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which fizz when dropped into bath water. They contain fragrance, oils and moisturizers to scent and soften your skin. 

Q. What are the main ingredients?
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Kaolin, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Q. How and where are they made?
Each of our premium bath bombs is made by hand at our manufacturing facility in Idaho. We start by small-batch mixing our proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Each bath bomb is then carefully hand-packed and left to cure for just the perfect amount of time. They are then wrapped, boxed and ready for you! Producing small batches as needed helps us ensure you are
getting only the freshest, most effective product.

Q. What makes bath bombs fizz?
It’s a reaction between two of the ingredients: sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. They do not react when dry, but when added to water, they react to create a fun, fizzy experience. This reaction helps the bath bomb break apart, releasing a flurry of moisturizing ingredients, fragrance and color.

Q. What makes Scentsy Bath Bombs different?
Our handcrafted bath bombs are the perfect blend of vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich moisturizing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, kaolin clay, shea butter and aloe. We infuse these ingredients with just the right amount of authentic Scentsy fragrance, leaving you refreshed and relaxed and your skin amazingly soft.

Q. How long will Scentsy Bath Bombs be available?
Because they’re made in small batches, Scentsy Bath Bombs are limited in quantity and available only while supplies last.

Q. Will they color my bathtub?
In our evaluation, we have not experienced this issue. They are made with water soluble colors to provide a beautiful, as well as fragrant, experience.

Q. Do they contain any ingredients that may cause skin irritations?
As with all skin-contact products, there is a chance of a mild reaction. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider testing on a small area of skin before full use.

Q. Is there glitter or a surprise inside?
Not at this time.

Q. How many can I use at a time?
One bomb per bath is recommended, but feel free to combine fragrances as desired. If you have a large bathtub, you may consider using a second for added fragrance.

Q. Will it stain my skin?
These products have been tested and do not cause skin staining.

Q. How long does the fragrance last?
It varies, but you’ll be able to smell it in your bathroom hours after use.

Q. How big are they?
5.3 oz., roughly the size of a baseball.

Q. What is the shelf-life of Scentsy Bath Bombs?
Approximately six months.

QWhat type of dye is used in the bath bombs?
FDA-approved dyes for external cosmetics.

Q. Are Scentsy Bath Bombs free of chemicals (parabens, sulfates)?
Our bath bombs are paraben-free, but not sulfate-free. The sulfates help create a fun foam and cleansing.



Coming Soon! New Scentsy Bath Bombs! Available November 2017 and will be available in several Scentsy Fragrances!


Luna Bath Bomb

Price : 8.00

Jammy Time Bath Bomb

Price : 8.00

Amazon Rain Bath Bomb

Price : 8.00

Until then, check out our other Scentsy Body Products.

New Elephant Scentsy Buddy


You’ve been asking and we’re excited to announce our New Elephant Scentsy Buddy has arrived! Meet Eliza the Elephant! 

New Elephant Scentsy Buddy

All About Eliza the Elephant Scentsy Buddy:

Name: Eliza

Species: Elephant

Favorite hangout: The African bush

Favorite activities: Eating, mud baths

Favorite book: Babar

Favorite movie: The Blue Elephant

Favorite song: When I See an Elephant Fly

Favorite sports team: The Oakland Athletics

Food I crave: Vegetarian cuisine

Fun fact: We have the largest brains of any land mammal.

Ambition: To socialize with my friends!

Scentsy Clearance Sale Oct 2017


Save BIG at the Scentsy Clearance Sale Oct 2017. Save up to 80% on retired Scentsy Warmers, Wax, Laundry & Body Products, Buddies, Oils and more!

 Shop the Monster Monday Sale! 

Monster Monday Sale Details: 

Starts 12 p.m. PT Monday, Oct. 16, and Ends 11:59 a.m. PT Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Don’t delay- sale items are available while supplies last only! 

Here are some quick tips, tricks and reminders to help you navigate this spook-tacular sale:

  • Flash sale items sell out quickly, so don’t wait to shop! All products are available while supplies last.
  • Increased traffic to my website may cause slowdowns. Please be patient and keep trying!
  • We will have queueing ready! When we hit a certain volume of concurrent users on the website, you will see a splash page with an estimated wait time. It’s like waiting in line!

If you have any questions or need assistance please text me 520-975-8993

Free Scentsy Go Join In October


New Consultants who join in October will have the chance to earn a FREE Scentsy Go in October. Plus, earn one pack of Scentsy Pods.*

To earn this awesome reward, new consultants need to sell 500 PRV within their first 30 days as a Consultant.

Free Scentsy Go Join October

*Scentsy Go decorative band color and Scentsy Pod pack fragrance will be pre-selected by Scentsy and will vary. Plus tax and shipping. This promotion is only available to new Consultants who join between Oct. 1 and 11:59 p.m. PT Oct. 31, 2017.