Scentsy Buddy Clips

Scentsy Buddy Clips
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Scentsy Buddy Clips are collectible and oh-so-cute! These fuzzy friends are filled with scented beads that deliver kid-friendly fragrance anytime, anywhere. Great for backpacks and bedrooms! Buddy is polyester with a polypropylene clip. Spot clean. 4.5” tall

Audrey the Arachnid w/ Apple Crush

Price : 15.00

Penny the Pig w/ Crazy Coconut

Price : 15.00

Mollie the Monkey w/ Jungle Jam

Price : 15.00

Oakley the Owl w/ Oodles of Orange

Price : 15.00

Stella the Unicorn w/ Rockin' Ruby Razz

Price : 15.00

Shu Shu Panda w/ Jammy Time

Price : 15.00

Scout Dragon w/ Wild What-a-Melon

Price : 15.00


Q. What is the recommended age for Buddy Clips?

Buddy Clips are safe for children ages 3 and older.

Q. How big are the Buddy Clips?

Buddy Clips are 4.5 inches tall.

Q. How many different Buddy Clips are there?

Currently we offer four Buddy Clips: Bandit the Horse in Candy Dandy scent, Bubbles the Octopus in Berry Bubble Blue scent, Lenny the Lamb in Jammy Time scent and Scout the Dragon in Wild What-a-Melon scent. We’ll introduce new Buddy Clips every catalog season.

Q. How long does the scent last?

Buddy Clips are filled with 1.5 oz. of fragrance beads, the same material used in our Scent Paks. Fragrance will last about 30 days.

Q. When the fragrance fades, can I refill my Buddy Clip with a Scent Pak?

No. There is no zippered pouch in the Buddy Clip to insert a Scent Pak. We do not recommend refilling Buddy Clips.

Q. When the scent runs out, can I exchange it for a new one?


Q. What are Buddy Clips made of?

Just as the designs of Buddy Clip characters differ, the fabric content differs as well. Most Buddy Clips are made of polyester with a polypropylene clip.

Q. Is the clip easy for kids to use?

Yes. The clip requires gentle pressure to open.