Scentsy Sidekicks

Scentsy Sidekicks
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Scentsy Sidekicks offer the engaging sensory fun little ones crave, like crinkly legs, teething rings and knee socks that move up and down! Plus, parents will love the hands that attach to car seats, strollers and more. Scented with Newborn Nursery. 13” tall.

Pippy the Pig Sidekick

Price : 20.00

Eddy the Elephant Sidekick

Price : 20.00

About Scentsy Sidekicks:

Q. What is the recommended age for Scentsy Sidekicks?
Scentsy Sidekicks are suitable for all ages.

Q. How big are Scentsy Sidekicks?

Each Sidekick is 13 inches tall.

Q. How many different Sidekicks are available?

We currently have two Sidekicks available: Eddy the Elephant and Pippy the Pig. Both are scented with Newborn Nursery.

Q. Do the Sidekicks use a Scent Pak?

No. Like our Buddy Clips, Scentsy Sidekicks are filled with fragrance beads.

Q. How long does the fragrance last?

About 30 days.

Q. Is the fragrance refillable when it fades?


Q. When the fragrance runs out, may I exchange my Sidekick for a new one?


Q. What are Sidekicks made of?

The body is made of 45 percent cotton and 55 percent polyester, and the teething ring is constructed of polypropylene.

Q. Are the Sidekicks BPA- and phthalate-free?