Scentsy Scrubby Buddies

Scentsy Scrubby Buddies
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Scrubby Buddies are playful, puppet-inspired bath toys that will make washing up a blast! Each Scrubby Buddy comes with a bottle of Scentsy Bath Smoothie for a complete wash-and-play bath routine in one perfect package! Polyester blend; cotton lining. Hand wash, tumble dry low. Scrubby Buddy not sold separately.

Percy the Penguin + Bath Smoothie

Price : 30.00

Twiggy the Turtle + Bath Smoothie

Price : 30.00

Stevie the Shark + Bath Smoothie

Price : 30.00

Wellington the Duck + Bath Smootie

Price : 30.00

Ribbert the Frog + Bath Smootie

Price : 30.00


Q. What are Scrubby buddies?

Scrubby Buddies are fun bath mitts designed for bath time play and washing.

Q. What is the recommended age for Scrubby buddies?

Scrubby Buddies are suitable for all ages.

Q. How do I use the Scrubby buddy?

Wet the Scrubby Buddy, add Scentsy Bath Smoothie, work into a lather and use as you would a washcloth or bath pouf.

Q. What are Scrubby buddies made of?

Scrubby Buddies have a cotton lining. The outer material is 80 percent polyester and 20 percent chinlon, a type of nylon.

Q. How do I dry the Scrubby buddy?

After use, thoroughly rinse and wring out the Scrubby Buddy. Hang the Scrubby Buddy to dry using the loop on the cuff.

Q. How do I clean my Scrubby buddy?

Hand washing and air drying is the best way to take care of your Scrubby Buddy. Machine washing and drying may damage your Buddy’s stuffing.

Q. Are they sized for kid or adult hands?

Scrubby Buddies have been designed to accommodate hands of all sizes. The fabric has a little stretch to fit adult hands and a stretchy cuff to help stay on a child-sized hand.