Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers
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Scentsy Warmers are available in several styles, colors and designs. All Scentsy Warmers are flame-free and use a light bulb or heating element to melt our special scented wax. Each bulb warmer includes a free light bulb and every warmer includes a limited lifetime warranty. Use Scentsy Warmers with our long-lasting Scentsy Bars.


Warmer of the Month

Every month we introduce a new Warmer of the Month at a 10% discount. The warmer is on sale during the month of it's debut and is available while supplies last only.

All Warmer Types

Not sure what category to look in? See all available Scentsy Warmers here!

Charitable Cause Warmers

Every catalog season Scentsy offers a new Charitable Cause Product that helps raise money for important causes. Scentsy has donated more than 1 million dollars to causes such as Breast Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer's, Sunshine Kids and more.

Light Bulb Warmers

Scentsy Bulb Warmers use a small light bulb to melt Scentsy Wax. Available in over 50 designs, styles and colors. Every bulb warmer includes a free light bulb.

Element Warmers

Scentsy Fragrance without the illumination. Element Warmers use a small heating element instead of a lightbulb. Available in over 16 designs.

Mini Nightlight Warmers

Perfect for small rooms and kitchens. Over 30 designs to choose from. Each Nightlight Warmer includes a free light bulb.

Collegiate Warmers

Hey sports fans! Show your team some love with a Campus Collection Warmer. For each warmer sold, we'll pay a portion of the proceeds to the university to help fund important collegiate programs.

Baseball Cap Warmers

Step up to the plate with your own officially licensed ball cap warmer. Available in 9 teams. 4.5" tall.

Clearance Warmers

Shop and save $$ on retired Scentsy Warmers, Buddies, gifts, scents and more!


Using Scentsy Warmers is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Scentsy Warmers

1. Simply insert the included Scentsy bulb.
2. Plug in your Scentsy Warmer and turn on the switch.
3. Place one or more sections of your Scentsy Bar into the top dish. Enjoy!


  1. SCENTSY WARMERS OF THE MONTH: Every month we introduce a brand new Scentsy Warmer! The warmer is available at a 10% discount during it’s debut month-after that it is available at regular price.
  2. CHARITABLE CAUSE SCENTSY WARMERS: Every catalog season Scentsy offers a Charitable Cause Warmer- this warmer is unique and monies raised from the sale of the warmer help the charity of choice. Check back every March and September for the new Charitable Cause Scentsy Warmer!
  3. BULB SCENTSY WARMERS: These are our classic Scentsy Warmers- they use a small watt light bulb to warm and melt our special Scentsy Wax. Our Scentsy Bulb Warmers are available in hundreds of designs and styles!
  4. ELEMENT SCENTSY WARMERS: The Scentsy Element Warmers use a heating plate instead of a bulb to heat our wax- because there is no bulb there is no illumination so these warmers are great in bedrooms when you don’t want the light.
  5. MINI NIGHTLIGHT SCENTSY WARMERS: Our mini nightlight warmers use a 15 watt light bulb to heat our special wax blend and they plug directly into a wall outlet. Great for bathrooms!
  6. LED SCENTSY WARMERS: Our LED Scentsy Warmers uses a heating element to melt our wax and the LED lights change to create a subtle light show.
  7. COLLEGIATE SCENTSY WARMERS: Our Collegiate Scentsy Warmers are licensed warmers that help raise funds for the colleges on the warmers. Available in helmets and mini nighlights.
  8. BASEBALL CAP SCENTSY WARMERS: Our Baseball Cap Scentsy Warmers are licensed warmers that represent baseball teams in the USA!
  9. CLEARANCE SCENTSY WARMERS: Our Clearance Scentsy Warmers are our retired warmers and they are available at a 20% discount!