About Scentsy Kids Products:

Scentsy Buddies:

Q. What is the recommended age for Scentsy buddies?

Scentsy Buddies are suitable for all ages.

Q. Are the Scentsy buddy and the Scent Pak safe for children?

Both the Scentsy Buddy and the Scent Pak have passed stringent product safety testing for U.S. and Canadian markets, including specific safety tests for children’s toys. Both products passed tests for tear strength and foreseeable misuse, fabric composition and cleanliness and toxicological assessments for banned or restricted chemicals without producing detectable amounts of any such substance.

Q. How do I clean my Buddy?

Spot cleaning is the best way to take care of your Scentsy Buddy. Machine washing and drying may damage your Buddy’s fur or stuffing.

Q. How long will the fragrance in a Scent Pak last?

About 30 days but in my experience the Paks last way beyond 30 days!

scentsy buddy clips

Buddy Clips:

Q. What is the recommended age for Buddy Clips?

Buddy Clips are safe for children ages 3 and older.

Q. How big are the Buddy Clips?

Buddy Clips are 4.5 inches tall.

Q. How long does the scent last?

Buddy Clips are filled with 1.5 oz. of fragrance beads, the same material used in our Scent Paks. Fragrance will last about 30 days.

Q. When the fragrance fades, can I refill my Buddy Clip with a Scent Pak?

No. There is no zippered pouch in the Buddy Clip to insert a Scent Pak. We do not recommend refilling Buddy Clips.

Q. When the scent runs out, can I exchange it for a new one?


Q. What are Buddy Clips made of?

Just as the designs of Buddy Clip characters differ, the fabric content differs as well. Most Buddy Clips are made of polyester with a polypropylene clip.

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