Scentsy Groom
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Enjoy your daily ritual with high-performance, multi-functional skincare and
shave products designed to elevate every stage of the grooming process with modern, masculine fragrance.

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Q. Where are Scentsy Groom products made and packaged?

All Scentsy Groom products are made and packaged in the United States.  

Q. Are Scentsy Groom products tested on animals?

Scentsy Groom products are not tested on animals. However, individual ingredients may have been tested on animals at one point.

Q. Do Scentsy Groom products contain animal by-products?

Scentsy Groom products do not contain any animal by-products.

Q. Are Scentsy Groom products vegan and gluten-free?

Scentsy Groom products are vegan and gluten-free.

Q. Do Scentsy Groom products contain any allergens or toxins? Is it safe for sensitive skin?

All Scentsy Groom products were created with ingredients that are generally accepted as safe and effective for use in personal care products. Though Scentsy Groom products are non-toxic and non-irritating, people with specific known fragrance sensitivities should test on a small patch of skin before using. 

Q. Are Scentsy Groom products safe to use on children?

Scentsy Groom products are safe to use on all members of the family, and may be used as directed on children with adult supervision. All Scentsy Groom products are for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes; if product gets in your eyes, rinse with water. Discontinue use and ask a doctor if rash or irritation develops and persists. To ensure proper use, please supervise small children when using Scentsy Groom products and keep scented products out of the reach of small children and pets.

Q. How long does the scent last?

The amount of time the fragrance lasts on your skin depends on your own body chemistry. Scentsy Groom products contain the highest concentration and quality of fragrances available while still maintaining overall product effectiveness, giving the wearer a long-lasting fragrance experience.