Pre Order Scentsy

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Pre Order Scentsy:

It’s easy and convenient to pre-order upcoming Scentsy Specials such as Warmers and Scents of the Month, New Releases and Limited Time Offers! Just click the link to fill our the pre-order form and I’ll send you an invoice!

Pre Order Scentsy

Scentsy Pre-Order Information:

Pre-order an upcoming Scentsy Warmer or Scent of the Month, Special or Limited Time Offer with me! Orders are processed the first day of the month for Warmer & Scent of the Month or on the day of launch for specials and limited time offers.


  1. Fill out the pre-order request form below.
  2. Pre-orders invoices will be sent via Paypal before the new product is released. A valid Paypal email address is required so please use your Paypal email when filling out the form. Or if you prefer, you can put your phone number on the form and I will call you to get your payment info.
  3. Please pay your invoice before the product launch date.
  4. Your order will be placed as soon as the product is launched (assuming payment has been made).
  5. You will receive an email from me once your order is placed and also once the order ships.
  6. PreOrder Here

Don’t have Paypal? Just fill out the form and indicate in the instructions that you’d like to be called for payment information- don’t forget to include your phone number!

how to pre order scentsy

If you’re not sure which pre-order option is available for a particular product, just fill out the form and I will let you know!

Pre Order Here