Scentsy Go Instructions

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  1. Charge the Scentsy Go unit- initial charge takes 6 hours. Do something to scentsy go instructionstake your mind off of the time- I took a nap! haha
    • You’ll know the unit is charging because the LED light will turn on and blink slowly during the charging process. Once the unit is fully charged the LED will turn off.
    • When the battery runs low the LED light will blink quickly.
    • The unit charges slower if unit is in use.
  2. Unplug the Scentsy Go and Load the Scentsy Pod!
    • Turn the Scentsy Go cap counterclockwise and lift.
    • Place 1-2 Scentsy Pods in the unit. You can add 1-2 Pods depending on desired scent strength and you can mix-and-match Scentsy Pods to create unique fragrance mixes!
  3. Turn on the Scentsy Go Fan:
    • Press and hold the FAN button until the LED light glows white- this indicated normal mode.
    • To change to Eco-mode, press the FAN button again and the LED light will be green. Note: Scentsy Go Solid does not have the Eco-mode option.
    • To turn off or change the mode simply press and hold the FAN button.
  4. Turn on the LED light:
    • Press and hold the LIGHT button until the LED turns on and the Rainbow color mode begins. From Rainbow mode, press and hold the LIGHT button once to enter color select mode. Press once to advance to the next color- white, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and red.
    • To turn off or change the color mode, press and hold the LIGHT button for 1-1.5 seconds.
    • Note: Scentsy Go Solid DOES NOT have the LED light feature.

Special Hints & Tips:

  • The Scentsy Go unit will turn off automatically after 3 hours of inactivity to conserve the battery.
  • Don’t leave the Scentsy Go unit in the heat or in the car.
  • The rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of travel-friendly fragrance and charges easily with the included USB cord.
  • Scentsy Go Solid, when fully charged, lasts approximately 10 hours.
  • Mix and match Scentsy Pods to create unique fragrance combinations.


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  1. Hello – any chance you could send me these instruction in a pdf format so that I can print them off for my mum the booklet instructions are way to small for her even with glasses and I wont be around to keep on showing her how to use it. Thank you a#elderlymums !!

    1. Solo use mi scentsy go 1 vez y ahora lo conecto y no carga, la luz no prende y he intentado con diferentes cables y cajas de carga.

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