Scentsy Go Wraps Instructions


Q. Can Scentsy Go Wraps be applied to both the original Scentsy Go and the Scentsy Go Solid?

Yes. The decorative wraps fit both the Scentsy Go and the Scentsy Go Solid. Wraps are sold

Q. How do I apply a Scentsy Go Wrap?
Each wrap comes in two halves that are applied to either side of the unit like a sticker. Carefully
align the end of one half along the edge of the unit band, and smooth the wrap around. Do the
same with the second half on the other side. The adhesive on the wrap may eventually become
permanent if the wrap is left on the unit for an extended period of time, so we recommend
swapping out your wraps every 6 to 12 months.

Q. Can a Scentsy Go Wrap be reused?
Yes, they can be reused. We recommend keeping the back liner to store your wrap when not in
use. Please keep in mind, as with any adhesive, contact with skin oils, dirt, etc. can negatively
impact tackiness.

Q. How much are Scentsy Go Wraps?

Scentsy Go Wraps are $5/each.


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