Scentsy Sale August 2018

Scentsy Sale August 2018
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Scentsy Sale August 2018:

We’re making room for the NEW Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Catalog so we’re having a SALE! Save 10% on Scentsy Warmers, Wax Bars, Essential Oils and more! Scentsy Sale August 2018 starts on August 1st and ends August 31st- products are only available while supplies last so shop now! 

Scentsy Sale August 2018

Scentsy Enhanced Starter Kit August 2018:

If you join Scentsy during the month of August 2018, you’ll receive an Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit. The kit will contain catalogs and scents from our spring/summer AND NEW fall/winter season- all for $99. You can use these extra products to promote your new business even further, you can warm the scent testers for personal use or give them away- the possibilities are endless.              

 Click Here to Order Your Scentsy Enhanced Starter Kit. 

What’s In the Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit:

80 Spring/Summer Scent TestersSCENTSY STARTER KIT FALL WINTER 2018

BONUS: Fall/Winter Scent Testers

25 Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogs

BONUS: 25 Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalogs

Print Your Own Business Cards

Party Invitations

Order Forms

Host Envelopes

Host/Join Brochures

Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Bar

Scent Pak

Light bulbs

Laundry/Skin Products (may vary)

Welcome Letter

Consultant Start-Up Guide

*Please Note: Contents may vary. 



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