Sven Reindeer Scentsy Buddy

Sven the Reindeer- Scentsy Buddy

New Sven the Reindeer-Scentsy Buddy from Disney’s Frozen!

There’s no better reindeer companion than Sven from Disney’s Frozen 2. This loyal, loveable (not to mention goofy) guy is a fan favorite! Sven is stuffed with personality and fun details from his hooves to his antlers — and he’s even wearing a harness, so he’s ready for any adventure that comes his way. (Harness is attached.)


Comes with a free Scent Pak in Sven’s exclusive fragrance Fearless by Nature (Sven).

Fearless by Nature (Sven) Scent Description: Brave the journey with unwavering loyalty, traversing wildflowers and sage as you navigate the woods.

Order here now or order online on December 1, 2020 when Sven is officially available!

Order Sven Here

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