New Scentsy Fall Scents 2016


The list of New Scentsy Fall Scents is here! Scents will be available to purchase as Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, Scent Circles and select scents will be available as Travel Tins, Scent Paks and Car Bars.



Blackberry Orange Marmalade: Orange marmalade blackberry jam over sugar crystals.

Cranberry Garland: Sweet-tart cranberry, grounded by sage and earthy pine cones.

Coconut Vanilla Orchid: Alluring orange zest, coconut milk and silky vanilla orchid.

Marshmallow Mint: Buttermint and marshmallow make merry beneath an amber veil.

Peppermint Rush: Peppermint, sweet vanilla and an accord of freshly fallen snow.

Chocolate Coconut Cream: Notes of cocoa powder, coconut cream and caramel.

Crisp Orchard Air: Elegant quince jam, crisp green apple and sandalwood.

Candied Pomegranate: Cinnamon-sprinkled pomegranate and candied apple.

Cozy Chai: Warm, spicy cinnamon, vanilla bean and caramel.

Pink Currant & Birchwood: Pink currant jam and frosted holly freshen woodsy cassia bark.

Spiced Pear: Simmered pear and plum cider entice rich vanilla wood.

Sweet Plum Pastry: Black plum and toasted coconut garnish a marshmallow cloud.

Whipped Vanilla Pear: A luxuriant caramel glaze tops baked pear and whipped vanilla.

Wild Redberry & Sweet Melon: Melon, red berries and amber freshen up a classically fruity fragrance.



scentsy fall scents 2016 Autumn Blaze Maple: A bountiful harvest of crispy apples and earthy pumpkins with golden maple syrup, warm cinnamon and a ribbon of smoldering oak.

Autumn Sunrise: A warm blend of tart pomegranate, raspberry, nutmeg and spiced cinnamon stick pairs perfectly with chilly mornings.

Autumn Sunset: Apples, pumpkins, fall leaves and spices.

Cashmere Pear: Slip into sensual white amber, Madagascar vanilla, silky pear and warm red ginger, a blend as smooth and luxurious as fine-spun cashmere.

Cedar Cider: An autumn medley of the reddest apples, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans nestled among fragrant white cedar branches.

Cider Mill: Brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat.

Cinnamon Bear: Crisp, spicy cinnamon, reminiscent of red hosts candy with a touch of cloves.

Everything Nice: Sugar and spice and everything nice; deep caramel and swirls of butter with roasted pumpkin and glazed pecans.

Frosted White Birch: A cool breeze of peppermint frost, eucalyptus and lavender gently warms to blond woods, fir needle and amber.

Honey Pear Cider: The scent of pure autumn bliss- fresh juicy pear and sweet honey together with subtle hints of spices.

Pumpkin Marshmallow: Sticky, sweet marshmallow spooned into fresh baked pumpkin and wrapped in a graham cracker crust.

Pumpkin Roll: Creamy pumpkin pie filling surrounded with yellow cake, pecans, butter and spice.

Rum Raisin Cookie: Freshly baked cookie dough scrumptiously spiced with rum, raisin, and clove will transport you to the corner bakery.

Very Snowy Spruce: Breathe in fresh forest air: balsam, spruce and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woody pine cones.

Whiteout: Exhilarating blast of cool peppermint and sweet, golden apple, blanketed over frosty winter pine.



Christmas Cottage: A cozy, inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves and spices.scentsy holiday scents 2016

Clove & Cinnamon: Classic scent of cinnamon sticks fused with cloves.

Cozy Fireside: Warm spice notes with zesty ginger and cinnamon.

Eskimo Kiss: Blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla and amber in softly romantic scent.

Iced Pine: As refreshing as a walk through newly fallen snow: green fir and pine, kissed by icy peppermint.

Peppermint Dreams: A warm rush of chocolate cupcake cooled by a blast of fresh mint.

Snowberry: Luscious blend of loganberry, strawberry, peppermint and zesty cinnamon.

Winter Pine: Frolic in a forest of evergreens as fir needles fall amongst aromatic white cedar and musk, with a wintry whisper of citrus.