Scentsy Warmer & Scent of the Month Dec 2020

Scentsy Warmer & Scent of the Month Dec 2020: Polar Panorama & Arctic Kiss

New! Polar Panorama Scentsy Warmer & Arctic Kiss Scent for December 2020. Enjoy the northern lights from anywhere! Nature’s greatest light show can be in your home! The Polar Panorama Scentsy Warmer features rotating LED lights create that create a mesmerizing aurora borealis effect above the tree line. As in nature, this dazzling display is best visible in a darker environment.

This Warmer is NOW Sold Out!

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The Polar Panorama Warmer Sold out on December 1, 2020 but you have a second chance to order this spectacular warmer with our 2nd Chance Pre Sale!

Scentsy Arctic Kiss Scent:

Scent Description: Cool arctic mint and fresh air embrace the warmth of fluffy vanilla clouds.

Arctic Kiss Scentsy Bar: $6.00 $5.40

Arctic Kiss Scentsy Room Spray: $8.00 $7.20

Arctic Kiss Scentsy Scent Circle: $3.00 $2.70

Why Pre-Order Polar Panorama?

Because of the uniqueness of this new Scentsy Warmer it sold out on December 1st almost as soon as it was released. With a 2nd Chance Pre-Order/Pre-Sale you put down a $10 deposit so you’re guaranteed to get the warmer once it’s back in stock! The deposit helps us to order enough warmers for everyone that wants one. To learn more about 2nd Chance Pre-Ordering with Mandy’s Scent Store click here.

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