What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use

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What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use:

This is such a common question so I figured I would write a post to help you determine what size bulb your Scentsy Warmer uses. Scentsy Warmers come in three different types- Mini, Standard and Element and they either use a 15 watt bulb, 20 watt bulb, 25 watt bulb, 40 watt bulb or no bulb at all.

What Size Bulb Does Scentsy Warmer Use


Warmer Types & Bulb Sizes:

Scentsy Mini (Nightlight) Warmer Bulb/Watt:

Scentsy Warmer Light Bulb Chart

Mini Scentsy Warmers (Nightlights) all use the 15 watt light bulb. Please Note: The 15 watt bulb resembles regular nightlight bulbs but the wattage is different. Most nightlight warmers use anywhere from 4-10 watts but these aren’t sufficient for warming Scentsy Wax. So if you bought a bulb in the store and it’s not melting your wax this is probably the reason. Make sure you get a 15 watt bulb. You can buy them here.

Standard Scentsy Warmers Bulb/Watt:

What Scentsy Bulb Size What Scentsy Bulb Size What Scentsy Bulb Size

This is where it gets tricky. Scentsy Warmers come in three different types- we used to refer to them as Full Size, Mid-Size and Plug depending on their bulb size so it was a little easier to decipher but those names no longer apply. We now refer to our warmers as Mini, Standard or Element. Standard Warmers may use either a 20, 25 or 40 watt bulb.

The easiest way to tell what size bulb your Scentsy Warmer uses is to flip it over and read the label or check the cord tag. There is either a silver label on the bottom and it indicates either a 20W, 25W or 40W (see photo bottom left) OR next to the plug there is a white label that indicates the wattage (see photo bottom right). This tells you what size bulb you need. If for some reason your warmer’s label is missing than Contact Me or text me 520-975-8993 and I should be able to find out for you.


scentsy light bulb label

PLEASE NOTE: All Scentsy Warmers will use one of the bulbs from our store. Not all brands of warmers use our specific bulb type or size. Please ensure that you are buying a bulb for an Authentic Scentsy Warmer before purchasing. To check: look on the bottom of the warmer for a tag or a tag on the cord or the word Scentsy engraved in the warmer itself. If you are unsure if your warmer is an Authentic Scentsy Warmer please contact me here.

Element Scentsy Warmers Bulb/Watt:

Scentsy Element Warmers DO NOT use a light bulb to warm the wax. Instead, the dish sits atop a heating element. You don’t need to buy replacement bulbs for element warmers. If your Scentsy Element Warmer is no longer working and the heating element is not heating up than you’ll need to contact your consultant or me for a replacement.

What Scentsy Bulb


Scentsy Light Bulb Charts:

This chart is for warmers that are in the 2020-2021 Scentsy Catalog:

Light Bulb Chart Scentsy Warmers

This is an old chart but it could still be helpful if you own an older warmer:

scentsy light bulb chart 1 scentsy light bulb chart 2

Where to Buy Scentsy Bulbs:

You can buy Scentsy Bulbs at my online store. The bulbs are $2 each or 3 for $5-these prices are the best that I know of. If you choose to buy bulbs elsewhere just be aware of the correct wattage and size. You can click here to shop for replacement bulbs and other accessories or see the products below:

Watch my Scentsy Warmer Bulb Video on YouTube and be sure to share with your friends!


7 thoughts on “What Size Bulb Does a Scentsy Warmer Use

  1. Hello I have the zen rock and themidnight copper and they to not have the little lable on the botton m would u beable to tell me witch wattagebtge both take. Thank u so much

    1. Hi Crystal,
      The Zen Rock and Midnight Copper warmers are element warmers and do not use a light bulb.

  2. I bought 25 Watt bulb for my small scentsy but notice it say 15 watt can I still use the 25 watts in it?

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      No, you should not use more than 15 watts as it could be dangerous to use more than the recommended wattage.

  3. I have a scents ceramic mini warmer 15 watt. The wax is not melting so I bought new bulbs but wax still is not melting. What would cause That?

  4. I have the night light of the deer with evergreen trees. It’s only a year old. I’ve bought replacement bulbs at hobby lobby 15 watt for wax warmers. It’s not melting the wax. The wax only gets warm. What am I doing wrong?? The original bulb looked dark silver and was much dimmer when lit.

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