Scentsy Clean

Scentsy Clean
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Bright, lovely fragrances take your senses on a delightful journey, while cutting-edge cleaning technologies fend off dirt and easily dissolve grime for a spotless and beautifully scented home.

Scentsy Fresh Fabric Spray

Scentsy Fresh absorbs odors and fills the air with beautiful fragrance. Mist on hard-to-wash surfaces such as carpets, furniture and curtains- anywhere you want to experience long-lasting Scentsy fragrance. Available in 4 fragrances. 16 fl. oz.

Hand Soap

The perfect cleansing lather, in fragrances to match the rest of your kitchen cleaning products. Available in 12 fragrances. 12 fl. oz.

Kitchen Soap

Conquer your daily pile of dirty dishes with a mere swipe of the sponge, thanks to biodegradable enzymes that quickly dissolve dirt and food particles. Sulfate- and phosphate-free. Available in 6 fragrances. 16 fl. oz.

Counter Clean

This all-purpose spray forms a clear barrier on sealed surfaces that repels dirt and gets stronger with regular use. Available in 6 fragrances. 16 fl. oz