Scentsy Bars can be mixed and matched to create new scents.scentsy scent recipes

Try some of these scent recipes or if you’re feeling creative, make your own and feel free to share with us!


Childhood Dreams= 1 cube each of Oodles of Orange, Rockin’ Ruby Razz & Jungle Jam

Infused= 1 cube each of Lemon Verbena and Stay Awhile

The Hamptons= 1 cube of each Blond Wood & Moonflower and Bonfire Beach

Boardwalk Vacation= 1 cube each of Cotton Candy Cookie and Summer Holiday

Kamikaze= 1 cube each of Brazlian Grapes and Citrus Pop

Adore the Sea= 1 cube each of Adored and Sea Salt Mist


Classic Eggnog Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Simply Vanilla + 1 Cube Clove & Cinnamon
Sugar Pear Crisp Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sugar Cookie + 1 Cube Honey Pear Cider
Old Fashioned Christmas Scent Recipe= 1/2 Winter Pine + 1 Cube Cinnamon Bear
Lavender n’ Linen Scent Recipe= 1 Cube French Lavender + 1 Cube Clean Breeze
Nonfat Vanilla Latte= Scent Recipe 1 Cube Mochadoodle + 1 Cube Vanilla Cream
Sweet Pea & Pomegranate Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sweet Pea & Vanilla + 1 Cube Perfectly Pomegranate
Lemon Cookie Scent Recipe 1 Cube Coconut Lemongrass + 1 Cube Sugar Cookie
Buttercup Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Sugar + 1 Cube Camu Camu
Apple Pie Ala Mode Scent Recipe= 1 Cube Baked Apple Pie + 2 Cubes Vanilla Cream
Lullaby Scent Recipe= 1 cube Luna + 1/2 cube French Lavender
Blueberry Pie Scent Recipe= 1/2 cube Blueberry Rush + 1 cube Baked Apple Pie


About a Vampire Scent Recipe= 1 cube Shimmer + 1 cube Mystery Man

Fly Me to the Moon Scent Recipe= 1 cube Honeymoon Hideaway + 1 cube Jet, Set Go!