What are Scentsy Pods


Scentsy Pods feature no-spill fragrance beads that are part of the new Scentsy Go Portable System

Air flows through the Scentsy Pods and into the environment for immediate fragrance. 



Q. What are Scentsy Pods?
Scentsy Pods are small plastic cages filled with fragrance beads that are infused with your favorite Scentsy fragrances.

Q. How many Scentsy Pods should I use with Scentsy Go?
Use one or use two, depending on your desired fragrance strength. The Scentsy Go can hold up to two Scentsy Pods, which can be mixed and matched to create a custom fragrance experience and intensity. Scentsy Pods are sold in packs that contain two Pods in the same fragrance.

Q. How long do Scentsy Pods last?
Each individual Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrance.

Q. Will adding two Pods to the Scentsy Go unit provide a stronger fragrance? 
Scentsy Pods are designed to last approximately 120 hours, whether your use one or two. If you use two Pods at once, it will create a stronger fragrance throw for the 120 hours, but will not last twice as long.

Q. Can you partially use Scentsy Pods and then store them for use later?
Yes. Pods can be removed, replaced and reused to match your moods.

Q. Are Scentsy Pods available in all Scentsy fragrances?
At this time, Scentsy Pods are available in a limited amount of Scentsy fragrances.

Q. What fragrances are available? 

Baked Apple Pie, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cheesecake, Christmas Cottage, Clean Breeze, Coconut Lemongrass, Eskimo Kiss, Honeymoon Hideaway, Jammy Time, Luna, Pink Haze, Pumpkin Roll, Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Weathered Leather & Welcome Home. 

Q. Is the Scentsy Pod recyclable?
No, the Scentsy Pod is not recyclable. 

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