Scentsy Whiff Box Unboxing


Yay! My Scentsy Whiff Box is here! I am so excited to share with you our brand-new Scentsy Whiff Box and the fun products that are inside!

Are you excited???

What’s a Scentsy Whiff Box? Find out here. 


Scentsy Whiff Box September 2018 Contents:

Amber Hollow Scentsy Bar- $5.40

Blue Grotto Bath Bomb– $8.00

Lemon Verbena Bathroom Cleaner– $8.00

Go,Go Mango Hand Soap– $6.00

Red, Cedar & Sage Scent Circle– $3.00

Butter Pecan Wax Sample- Available Oct. 1, 2018

Porch Pumpkin Wax Sample

Lavender Cotton Wax Sample

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